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M29504 / 6 Pin Termini

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M29504 / 6 Pin Termini


XiOptics is one of the few sources for fiber optic termini designed specifically for size 16 cavities found in ARINC 404 and ARINC 600 connection systems. For those customers who desire to link electrical, RF, power or optics into a single ARINC gang the only solution with a specification defining the interface is XiOptics Mil-T-29504 /6 and /7 style products.

XiOptics Mil-T-29504 /6 terminus is a Style 2 pin terminus.  Style 2 allows fiber termination with a simple bond/cure/polish using either auto polishers or hand polishers.  XiOptics recommends the use of fixed guide pins in ARINC gangs when deploying optical connections within standard ARINC gangs if consistent low insertion losses (<.5 db) are required.

XiOptics can provide guide pins and mating sockets for a complete ARINC 404 or ARINC 600 optical connection solution.

Drawing: 29504 / 6 Terminus Drawing
Connector Applications: ARINC 600, ARINC 404

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Features and Benefits

  • Type 2 bonding cup solution for easier and mess free fiber termination. No heat shrink sleeve post termination processing required.
  • Suitable for multi-mode and single-mode applications. PC or UPC end face geometry capable. Plastic fiber capable.
  • Precision xirconia ceramic ferrule with .5 micron concentricity delivers superior single mode insertion loss performance by reducing concentricity errors.
  • All stainless steel main body construction removes the problems with plating flaking creating optical interface contamination or corrosion cell formation.
  • Extended press fit area between body and ceramic ferrule ensures performance across all environments.
  • Extended bonding cup engages connector rear seal forming a precision seal that is not dependent on plastic optical fiber jacketing.

Termination Instructions

XiOptics Style 2 Termination Instructions

Product Drawings / Specifications

XiOptics M29504 / 6 Drawing

Specification / Test Reports

Mil-PRF-29504 Specification
Mil-T-29504 / 6 Pin Specification

Qualification Test Report for XiOptics Single Mode Optical Termini
Qualification Test Report for XiOptics Multi Mode Optical Termini