About Us

XiOptics is a supplier of optical interconnect solutions for harsh environment.  We are fully committed meeting our customer’s needs on a local, regional and global level. We maintain the largest ship-from-stock inventory of Mil-PRF-29504 and ARINC801 termini in the industry.  Our portfolio of termini under these specifications is among the world’s largest and we continue to innovate products for aerospace, medical, telecommunications and industrial applications.

The XiOptics team has been focused on the design, development and manufacture of industry optical termini and connectors for over 20 years.  We have focused on injecting small innovative features that ease customer use of our product and provide superior performance. At XiOptics our primary mission is quite simple:

“Deliver the highest quality, most cost efficient harsh environment optical interconnect solutions”

We desire to do this at the lowest cost and with the shortest leadtimes to allow our customers to optimize their business operations and provide the finest possible end products to the market.

XiOptics products can be acquired directly from our website, thru our sales representatives and distributors or for larger orders factory direct.

In order that we keep our focus on terminus and custom connector innovations we partner with the world’s leading suppliers of industry standard connectors such as ARINC circular/rectangular, Mil-C-38999, Mil-C-24308 and others.  We provide the optical content, they supply the connector shells to package our products.  Since we do not manufacture broad ranges of industry standard connectors our team is able to keep emphasis on the termini solutions.  We can stock large quantities of finished and semi-finished goods to meet the most demanding production delivery requirements.  From 10’s to 100000’s, we can and do make it happen.

XiOptics is also able to do customization of interconnects and termini to meet our customer demands.  Since we have the core enabling technology, we are the short pathway to what an end application may require.

XiOptics has incorporated design features and materials that truly differentiate our products from our competitors. Our optical terminus solutions are compliant to the latest revisions of the Mil-PRF-29504 and ARINC 801 specifications. Our solutions enable our customers to use the highest performance and most cost efficient termination processes.

Standing above this are our vertically integrated manufacturing efficiencies and lean principles that allow us to offer world-class products to our customers at the most competitive pricing levels. Our production facility in Ronkonkoma, New York has been operating since 1980 and is fully ISO-9000/2000, AS-9100 compliant.

XiOptics doesn’t stop with just delivering interconnect product. We go one step further than many of our competitors in offering a full suite of cleaning and maintenance kits. Our kits are delivered fully configured for each application, with all of the tools and supplies needed to support all of our interconnects as well as most other industry standard interconnects used in optical cabling systems. At XiOptics, we realize that the key to building our success is our customer’s success in building, deploying and maintaining state-of-the-art optical networks.

To read more about harsh environment optical interconnection history visit our 29504 history page.