ARINC 801 Products

XiOptics offers the NXTCore optical terminus system for customer’s desiring a feature rich ARINC801 optical terminus. NXTCore is fully compliant and qualified to the ARINC 801 specification while introducing an industry first application of hex registry tuning for multi-channel optical solutions.  The ability to tune out production termination variations allows NXTCore to provide the most lowest and most stable random mate optical performance of any optical terminus on the market today.

NXTCore is available both in pull-proof (for loose construction cables) and non-pull proof (for tight construction cables) variants as defined by the ARINC801 specification specification. Further, NXTCore offers the only solution specifically configured for 900 micron sub-jacketed fiber. The 900 micron variant allows for superior strain relief to sensitive optical cables inside electronics boxes or racks. With NXTCore, XiOptics offers the broadest ARINC801 terminus product portfolio from any single manufacturer. This allows XiOptics customers to do all of their terminus selection from a single source regardless the application.

NXTCore is fully intermatable and interchanable with all other ARINC801 termini but when paired together in a mated connector the benefits truly shine thru. The terminus system can be used with any ARINC801 connector system and will improve the performance of those connectors performance over standard available ARINC801 style termini.

In addition to the standard specification features XiOptics’ A801 solution offers:

  • Body Materials: NXTCore uses exclusively precision machined and passivated stainless steel in all high stress components.  For sliding elements, heavy nickel plating is used to improve sliding surface performance.  These material selection ensure compatibility with all ARINC specification connector platforms.
  • Compression Springs: the A801 terminus uses only the finest pre-set stainless steel springs. This ensures that the product performs after hundreds of mating cycles exactly as it performed on its first cycle.  Spring compression performance is specified to mirror that of industry standard LC interconnects hence when NXTCore is used in conjunction with XiOptics LCe metallic LC adapter full intermate capability exists to the LC industry standard but with robustness only available from XiOptics.
  • Ceramic Components: NXTCore uses only Japanese manufactured precision 1.25 mm zirconia ceramic components. All ferrules options have concentricity and diametric tolerances controlled within a half of a micron (.00002 of an inch). In some cases these precision ceramics align fibers times more accurately than competing designs. This results in insertion loss values that are not only typically lower but also more stable during product lifetimes and across environmental exposures.
  • Tuning: NXTCore is the first ARINC 801 compliant optical terminus to offer full hex registration tuning.  This delivers superior optical insertion loss performance in random mate connections and brings true low loss single mode optical cable interconnections into ARINC 801 connectors.  In addition, NXTCore is the first ARINC 801 optical terminus system that can deliver low loss angle polish (APC) multi-channel solutions..

We offer our ARINC 801 products for sale directly from our webstore as well as other factory channels. Click on the link below to access product drawings, use our product configurator and purchase our termini:

ARINC 801 termini

In addition to ARINC 801 termini products XiOptics offers some unique connector products to solve complex fiber optic packaging challenges.  Our LCe is the industries only all metallic Small Form Factor LC adapter that configures an ARINC 801 terminus into a LC connector compatible package.  This unique connector includes front and rear sealing to keep moisture away from critical optical interfaces.  It’s use of a metallic spring latch allows operation at extremely elevated temperatures or in very harsh shock/vibration environments.

Also complementing our ARINC 801 termini is our D-subminiature fiber optic adapter.  XiOptics works with Positronics Industries to offer a full range of Combo D-Subminiature layouts for those needing a compact rectangular, environmentally sealed multi-purpose connector solution.