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LCe Adaptor for ARINC 801 Termini


LCe Adaptor for ARINC 801 Termini


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XiOptic’s LCe is a metallic adapter that allows any ARINC 801 terminus to mirror the physical interfaces and optical performance of the popular LC optical connection system. The adapter is manufactured using a hard anodized aluminum body with a heat treated stainless steel latch system.  When integrated with the NXTCoreTM ARINC 801 optical terminus the only limit to high temperature operation is the failure point of adhesive systems selected by our customers.  LCe has literally flown into space and been pushed into center of the earth without failure.

When used with the NXTCoreTM ARINC 801 terminus the rich suite of features originally designed into the LC connector by Lucent Technologies are extended.  This include hex registry tuning capability for the lowest possible random mate insertion loss.  Other manufacturer’s ARINC 801 compliant termini may also be used but only NXTCoreTM offers tunability.

When assembled, the adapter and terminus operate with any Small Form Factor LC compliant device. The LCe adapter is of particular use in harsh environments where its silicone rubber sealing boot and front compression seal prevent moisture and contamination from entering the optical core coupling zone.  These sealed can prevent transceiver window contamination as they will seal the optical like no other LC connector.

LCe can be provided with any color coding desired.  Its stainless steel latching system will not fail or degrade when exposed to temperature or shock/vibration.  When remote operation is critical and it is critical to have the most reliable LC interconnect…. LCe is the solution to consider.  When customers join LCe with an ARINC 801 compliant terminus and properly terminate, the combination meets all of the performance requirements of Telcordia Core-GR-326 and FOCIS-10.


Features and Benefits

• Removable optical core enables direct inspection of fiber bonding areas and replacement of connector body components without fiber re-termination.
• Fluorosilicone seals at the transceiver or adapter interface seal the front of the connector with multi-lip protection. This reduces  the possibility of moisture and contaminate intrusions.
• Strain relief and crimp sleeve provided for cable termination.
• Hex register tuning delivers most stable and lowest possible single-mode insertion losses. APC capable.
• Standard color options available.
• 1.25mm precision zirconia ceramic ferrule in NXTCoreTM terminus system, available with a broad range of ferrule hole sizes from 80 to 650 microns.
• Suitable for multi-mode and single-mode applications. PC, UPC and APC end face geometry capable.
• Standard LC accessory compliant.

Reference Information

Packaging: Bag
Terminus: ARINC 801 (ordered separate)
Body Materials: Aluminum alloy, anodized
Latch Materials: Corrosion resistant steel
Dust Cap: Non-contact type, plastic
Fiber Jacket Sizes: *
Internal Bonded: 650-900 micron
External Crimped: 1.6-3.0mm